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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on our. tensions at the u.n. general assembly and reach fever pitch as iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad riles u.s. officials with noisy rattle. the recent success event immigration political parties in europe is turning heads raising fears of growing nationalism. as arctic ice melts the struggle for axis to the region's vast resources heats up prompting russia cold war cooperation.
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this is already coming to life from moscow today we take a look at the top story of the week and this week's united nations general assembly has seen another war of words between the u.s. and iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad told a global gathering he believes america was behind the nine eleven terror attacks the claims led to a walkout by u.s. and western nations and drew the wrath of barack obama lauren lyster has more. with the fanfare on the streets of new york this week. no one could miss the spectacle of more than one hundred ninety world leaders descending upon the united nations for the annual general assembly. stealing the spotlight on the world stage a face off between iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad and u.s. president barack obama obama defended u.n. sanctions the u.s. has spearheaded over iran's nuclear program though he called for dialogue on the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through the dialogue
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offered in a job responded with drove the u.s. and european union delegations out of the assembly hall all together he claimed nine eleven was an inside job by america as an adult. all of us know that most people believe that some segments within the u.s. government has traded the attack to reverse the decline in the u.s. economy and his grip on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. in a job may have lost some of his audience inside the halls but he continued the conversation in public where you're smiling do you believe or started that the government had to have about eleven and what seemed like interviews with almost every network and you had a captive audience on the street already have joined activists to protest against his visit almost daily i don't know. pomp and circumstance aside offered in a job said he may return to the negotiating table if the security council plays nice
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. iran has always be ready for a dialing based on respect and justice and the international community warned of where an escalation in the conflict could lead and the forces used against iran i believe this would be the shortest way to the radicals in the room. through very early and decided that now that we will struck we must have group. when it comes to matters of war and peace it seems like visions for a resolution to conflict a peace must be made by israelis and palestinians but each of us has a responsibility to do our part as well may have fallen on deaf ears and the use of sanctions as a method by individual countries was criticized we are convinced that the such practice is contradict the efforts to achieve. a must be brought to an end and talk of end d.g.'s or millennium development goals of fighting hunger and poverty amidst
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a global recession countries were more measured in making pledges for too long we've measured our efforts by the dollars we spoke of the food that we delivered through the conference concluded with deep concern that the un is falling far short of conquering problems such as world poverty and malnutrition it appeared no country yesterday we did the timor leste they. fell short of conquering their hunger with the finest cuisine new york has to offer but this time of the year you have the fresh french black truffle so we do all make up out of there were black truffle sauce and i will shave the truffle stable side and after a week of traffic truffles and talk the press is already packing up despite debates continuing next week as global problems persist the u.n. g.a. remains a convenient place for leaders to share their opinions and ideas if people hope that they care even if nothing changes after this week as to whether any of the
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rhetoric becomes reality or that we're just going to have to wait and see next year or in leicester r t v. a wednesday russia banned sales of its advanced anti-aircraft missile system to iran its side of the fact that fell under recent u.n. sanctions imposed into iran russia's foreign minister has stressed the decision is not a unilateral move. of course me and the couple will but russia simply documented in the presidential decree what is required from russia and all the other states in relation to iran after the adoption of the un security council's new resolution russia refused to deliver the s. three hundred surface to air missile systems to iran in support of this resolution and russia remains opposed to any unilateral sanctions against tehran resolutions adopted by the un security council a binding but they need to be turned into national laws because they are not direct application documents within countries legislation. taking ross from the u.n.
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general assembly the participants talked a lot about mutual obligations but as our. reports critics say countries should keep their own promises before preaching to others as world leaders gathered at the united nations today we must. are we living up to our mutual responsibility the voice of america took to the podium in the universal declaration of human rights. we recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every individual yet three miles south from barack obama's lecture on moral principles one woman languishes in this federal jail behind me stripped many say of all her dignity allegedly at the hands of u.s. officials after. pakistani born u.s. educated a neuroscientist mother of three and the doctor u.s. mainstream media dubbed levy. a so-called terrorist never charged with committing
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an act of terror i mean i think his story is really just a symbol of a broader problem which has gone largely unnoticed which is that there are you know hundreds and if not thousands of people who have been disappeared at the hands of. you know either the bush administration or we don't know perhaps it continues into the obama administration and have never there is the captors have never been held to account family spokes person. or forced or says the force of dicky's publicized arrest in two thousand and eight the mit graduate was tortured beaten and secretly detained in the notorious prison she was kidnapped in pakistan with her three children in march of two thousand and three no one knows where they are for a period of five years until of course the united states. government announces that
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she's in custody in afghanistan and forster says he is among the countless faces illegally swept up by a unknown forces fighting the so-called global war on terror we believe that the u.s. government had a role in her disappearance and imprisonment for the missing five years. overseas siddiqi has become known as the daughter of pakistan. thousands have stormed the streets. proclaiming her a victim of america's post nine eleven justice system a system creating more enemies than friends this was never about counting it this was about the u.s. trying to see if it's leading members if you should and you just did that but what it did in that in in the process was that it smashed it's one thing that it stood for and that was the power of justice and it has just lost that and that is in front of the will was amnesty international headquartered in manhattan for decades
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was staging noisey worldwide campaigns to free people they say are political prisoners often as far as burma or north korea but not in the case of a city who was imprisoned and tried next door in new york city key supporters sara flounders says the so-called pioneers of human rights abroad have blatantly turned away from a horrific problem here at home not to address us on the where people are held and under horrendous conditions torture abuse held in solitary confinement the first obligation always to address the issues and the conduct of your own government thursday morning after he was sentenced to eighty six years in prison her crime attempted assault against a u.s. soldier yet the alleged crimes against her never investigated it's been absolutely . horrifying to see that obama who ran for president as the anti bush and who
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was so adamantly opposed to the perversion of the united states constitution to see him now be the continuation of all of these policies that he has adopted from the bush administration has been absolutely outrageous thank you very much. marina porton i our party. and that was marina for now reporting from new york and also later this hour laura harvesters also and the big apple she's gauging people's thoughts on the economic situation. so you think that the middle class is kind of disappearing in this country i think it's definitely it's definitely. not so much disappearing but it's definitely not as big as it as it used to be i mean you know growing up my parents always said that the middle class was a lot bigger and times were a lot easier. as a surgeon violence in iraq coincides with
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a and us military campaign there are doubts remain over whether local forces can maintain security. after making inroads in sweden the europe's far right parties are focusing their efforts on austria for sunday's provincial elections the country's freedom party is hoping to win votes through a controversial anti-gay muslim campaign which sparked outrage among many. reports far the bye-bye most game is a simple as its message they came and shoot down as many of you most as you can as they rise relentlessly above. if you're not quick enough the country is. some of that is so we're defending our rights our traditions culture we don't want to be dissolved into islam nor do we want there to be parallel islamic societies in our country. released by the right wing freedom party as part of its bid for
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election and the regional government in styria austria second largest province the game has hit the raw nerve within twenty four hours it received more than two hundred thousand web hits within a week it was bam the computer game may have been just a small part of a political campaign but the reaction has been nothing but a firestorm of outrage there around five hundred thousand muslims in austria together with the greens their community leaders sued the freedom party and emotions in the game and islam is a reality if we want to build mosques we will build the many with i have a vision of the future where every town and city in austria has a mosque with a minaret that people can see from the outside can bat in with the judicial authorities up hold the complaint and rule that again went beyond acceptable discussion forcing the freedom party to take it down from its website it's in the front of the numbers who played the game show that islam is a very important issue thanks to us it was talked about in the first place seen by
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the judicial system is meddling in politics and stopping a free discussion of many say that ban has had the reverse effect there's not even a single minaret in styria and less than two percent of the population of muslim. the freedom party failed to get a single seat at the last election now it's expected to triple its vote and put a dent in the ruling coalition of two centrist party to have a little bit here change in danger a whole system because i have to feeling it's just it's already against these two factors like to just position themselves as like. the resistance of the true people which is kind of being suppressed by the status quo if the freedom party performs well it will follow the footsteps of recent successes by far right parties in sweden belgium and the netherlands. at the present no longer can the centrist parties ignore the voices of those alone by islam and immigration or they risk being penalized at the ballot box. party gratz steria.
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professor and i'm pulling her from the department of political science at a central european university in budapest says the surgeon far right parties is a dangerous trend for you or it's a kind of fashion i mean one success of such a path to promote his success is a pop does and for instance of a successful say. dutch right between party had a clear impact on the success of. of course it has a negative impact the course those parties are not only against migration or against especially islamic migration they are also empty european all these parties . deepening of european integration and is a challenge to european consensus the consensus that europe is an unfinished business and a european union should go forward towards
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a deeper federation of european states. and i have your say on these scape of the four martial arts fighter and war and the story on the website r t dot com also you can find a lot more there from top rate of videos to blogs and travel guides let's not take a look at what's available there for you right now. the urban jungle after seventy years of heated debates moscow's pats are set to enjoy greater rides. caught in a tour you don't want to miss argee takes a trip around the capitals most unusual residents those cast in bronze. it may be a lot of the world's a most inhospitable places but it's also among the most keenly sought after that's
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why several nations including russia canada and the united states are staking their claims for the billions of tons of well in gas which live beneath the arctic and this week leaders and scientists from those countries gathered in moscow to ensure that the competition won't lead to a clash between and were child reports. if you stand alone you can survive in the arctic that's how russian premier have led him or putin explained that no country by itself can deal with the enormous challenges i had at the north pole he promised that what average treasures lie hidden under the peak layer of ice will be no fighting over the top of the world the arctic needs secure sustainable management and anybody who has the stock it was that we have to hear some futuristic forecasts predicting a battle for the arctic are responsible analysis shows the majority of the frightening scenarios on the future of the arctic have no grounds whatsoever their
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goal is to provoke clashes among the arctic states and so that those who make the predictions can fish for something in the murky waters but i am absolutely sure that all the existing problems including the ones over the continental shelf can be resolved in a manner of partnership and according to the law the five know the neighbors who fish in these dark cold waters are russia canada the us norway and denmark at stake now are massive amounts of untapped oil and gas estimated to be over twenty percent of what the planet has to offer but many fear that a territorial crisis over the arctic which for millenia has been a vast quiet block of ice could suddenly start to boil and for the people who call this tranquil place home an invasion of industrialization is on the horizon for many years people thought the arctic was this frozen wasteland that no one lives here no one survives here is a place for polar bears and eagles and the reality is that the arctic is
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a vibrant place with rich natural resources rich human resources where people live and survive daily at the love that choose to live here but some of the histories saddest chapters were written on the white pages of these glass years during the. cold war it was one of the world's most militarized regions with nuclear missiles placed there the warheads may have gun but oil and gas drills i likely to a place them environmentalist question just how safe big struction technology will be in this stuff to retain especially with the gulf of mexico disaster and its lingering legacy so fresh in people's minds it's not just a question of often your call drudge in the arctic it's all show that we approach those in a responsible way i don't think anybody come up roads the arctic simply from the point of view of lettuce exploit the resources i think everybody from the sheer
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show responsibility store shelves the vitamins on the arctic nations but also to the entire world because if we measure the off on the ball the part of the world the consequences will be felt in asia and africa latin america the rest of europe in the united states and elsewhere apart from an a chanter of turold claims concerns were again raised that pumping for fuel in the world's refrigerator as it's sometimes known could speed up global warming a quarter of the world's untapped an idjit resources altered states have become increasingly anxious to take their claims on to the look pretty piece of pie but russia says they'll be no fighting over the arctic portions and any territorial dispute but the result and just as informal and friendly atmosphere as a big dinner it's in the back of our t.v. moscow. professor author berkman says the scale of the issue makes it impossible to
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solve in any other way than dialogue. it's impossible to envision any magic bullet that suddenly appears instantaneously and solves the problem once and forever so the solutions really are dialogues and russian geographic society is to compliment for their vision and initiating a dialogue that will. that will support the type of cooperation avoidance of conflict that is necessary to make the arctic a region that is used to the interests of all mankind so at the same time there are expressions of national interest there are expressions of common interest and so really the balance is one of of achieving national interests and common interests not just for the current states themselves but for the world as a whole. two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut made it safely back to earth on saturday after a technical glitch in orbit threaten their return for the first time to so you
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spacecraft fail to undock from the international space station and their journey was postponed by a day the problem was fixed and the second attempt to unhitch went smoothly the space travelers landed safely in castle stan after spending almost six months on board the ais sas three crew members remain at the station ready to welcome the next members for several to leave orbit on a tobar the eighth. will be staying with all things technical in r t one the later we explore advanced ways of saving the environment and that's in our program technology update stay with us for that. series every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best unsigned send their technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. four militants have been killed in a counterterrorist operation in russia's caucasus among them is the head of
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a terrorist group responsible for a number of attacks in the region a two day special operation was launched on friday in the city of manhood a law against militants hiding out in want of the city's buildings the site was sealed off by security forces friday night a suicide bomber attempted to break through the cordon having failed and blew himself up injuring at least forty two people. the violence rages in iraq with both civilians and security forces facing increasing attacks by militants following the official and of u.s. combat operations fifty thousand american troops still remain in the country they're supposed to support and train the local police but as artie's polis we are discovered it's barely helping. dark and dangerous and body armor it does little to protect against the fact that they're not welcome here they're doing a dismount a patrol through one of the iraqi neighborhoods trying to prevent counterattack fire this is a bombs team who stayed behind the mission providing training support and backup to
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the iraqi police when they get to our level we go over our operations order and planning for the actual missions we're going to do then we do a pretty brief and we actually go and execute these type missions that we're on now but the u.s. invasion to have a fully functioning iraqi security force did not protect safire it just means husband four years ago he disappeared without a trace and it's the whole he called me and said he was coming to beat me i said the situation is really bad don't come but he said now i have to count. safire's certain husbands did as all the families of tens of thousands of iraqis who've also disappeared since two thousand and three human rights organizations put some of the blame with the local security forces these trainees are not always the white candidates for the job a lot of them they have come from illiterate you know bugger all and some of them they are just the from the tribes and clans some of them just because they are part
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of the political parties militias and so on and the problem is compounded by the limited training they've given you cannot fight more than a few hundred. people being stopped at the checkpoint like this it's the result here as the scene was of training that appears to be the certain vehicles the car bombs missing weapons and stones and i did. and it's a far cry from what is needed what. they are not untrained but the training they receive is not enough for the americans only thought to create an iraqi army in two thousand and four by then it was too late because the terrorists had already infiltrated the. but with the increase of violence in iraq. in recent weeks the need for a competent domestic security force has never been greater but whether or not the u.s. and iraq can rise to the challenge is too good to be seen police they are anti baghdad . who are was to blame for the growing level of poverty in america which is at its
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highest in the one hundred years laurie harf inist our very own new york resident has been assessing people's views on the current economic situation in the u.s. . the u.s. census bureau released a report indicating that about forty four million americans or one in seven live below the poverty level that's the highest it's been in over half as that jury what or who's to blame for this this week let's talk about that is that the prising not consider in obama's policy you know the thing he's to blame for where we're at right now well he's partially to blame he's put the whole country and so how are we going to get out of it. get rid of obama i mean we are fighting two wars and i think they are costing a lot of money so obviously that's having a significant effect on the economy and obama inherited these wars so i don't think we can blame him i've lost faith in the government i think it's just
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a power struggle in washington now that's what i think it's kind of like everyone saying what they're supposed to be paying for their party but no one's concerned about doing anything that's one way of putting it i suppose i would say the mortgage mortgage dilemma. loaning money that we don't have to people that can afford it to begin with and i think that was the beginning of it do you think that's going to turn around any time soon are we going to just see more. i hope i hope it turns around i think it's i think it's on the upswing there would be no middle class just poverty class and the rich class that would have it with it so you think that the middle class is kind of disappearing in this country i think it's definitely it's definitely. not so much disappearing but it's definitely not as big as it used to be i mean you know growing up my parents always said that the middle class was a lot bigger and times were a lot easier like a lot of people tend to react and take a lot of things for granted. those things that we really have and you know we have
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a lot more than several other countries in this world and it's going to get complacent that things we're going to debate we should focus on what we do have instead of what we don't have a now so. the bottom line is that no matter. who or what if to blame for this high level of poverty let's just hope someone or something can do something about it. and we are up to date now i'll be back shortly it would have lines and more that go away.
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nineteen thirty eight england and france try to reason with hitler germany demands are going to land and gets its way they also have been treated to safety nets for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't dumped in war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. . every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow will bring the best in science and technology from across russia
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and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep. in india ots available in the move go joint piotr. the rules love us the gateway hoto the brand imperial shouldn't tell you west coast correspondent you can aletta tell close leisure hotel saddam did to go and talk to him read this and the colonel was hotel as used to retreat. it's. just.


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